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May 21, 2024 - Jun 11, 2024

Wcare's fasting program 6 weeks

  • 22Days


Welcome! (Before buying, book a consultation first, so I can hear more about you and your health beforehand.) Fasting to health - 6 v can be done individually whenever, in a group next course starts 20/2. ​Do you have major problems with hormones, obesity, multiple problems? Then a longer program may be necessary to get your health in order. There is no quick fix if health has been poor for many years and participants in my groups have fantastic results! Hang in there too, I'll help you during the journey! º Individual plan and guidance to achieve goals and results º Course compendium, protocol for how to fast, flush bowels º Wcare's recipe guide low-carbohydrate diet º One zoom meeting / week º Access to private chat group for support º Diet and exercise advice adapted to you º How to lower high cholesterol/blood pressure/dangerous fat and stop aging º Boost your stem cells, immune system and discover the healing power of autophagy with cell repair º Heals the stomach/intestine from parasites, constipation and food allergies º Weight reduction and swelling, get the lymphatic system going º Antiaging for skin, weight, slim down º Increased energy, better sleep º Simple hormone counseling is included, but if you want to add more points, this is possible. Webinar: "Why does exhaustion, estrogen dominance & hormonal excess occur"? º Fixing kit (value €80) Extra bonus: º Recipe giude on juicing value 7 € º Nature's Pharmacy with herbs to raise the immune system, reduce inflammation value 12 €





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