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Welcome to "Women's Help Guide for PMS".


As a hormone advisor, I know that PMS problems affect many women, and in this guide, I share what I know, has worked for hundreds of women. I understand that PMS can be difficult and have both physical and emotional effects on you.


This guide is designed to be helpful for self-help and provide you with the treatment tools you need to balance your hormonal imbalances and manage your PMS.


- It includes the right diet to increase serotonin, which is often low in cases of PMS-related issues and causes feelings of sadness, anxiety, and worry.


- In cases of PMS, one cause is low progesterone, which drops. There can be various reasons for this, but in the guide, you will receive exact treatment advice with Progesterone cream. How to apply it, when to do it. All the steps that previous women have taken with great success. You will do this for 3-4 cycles to improve your hormonal status. This is done as a treatment, not all the time.


- Additionally, you will receive a supplement plan to provide extra support for what your body needs, at what dosage. If you feel you need more support, please feel free to mail me.


Instead of a mini package for €200 you should really try this!


Enjoy! Veronica Deland


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PMS? Women's Help Guide in English

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