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Digital Dopamine Detox - Are you mobile addicted?

  • 4Days


Welcome to the Digital Dopamine Detox weekend course! A challenge that helps you break your mobile addiction and regain control over your digital consumption. Research shows that we overuse our mobile phones. Young people are negatively affected by social media and mental illness is increasing exponentially. Did you know that your dopamine, the pleasure substance in the brain, is balanced in just three days? It is precisely the dopamine that is easily overtriggered and leads to addictions such as gambling, drugs, food, as well as mobile phones and digital media. This weekend course will help you or the whole family, to reduce screen time, increase presence in the present and be more together. For several years I have worked with people who suffer from various addictions and I understand that it can be challenging for everyone, but the course will be given the chance to practice, socialize, do activities, excursions, exercise and rest. Everything is included for you to have a successful weekend and be able to regain control over digital consumption! So challenge yourself with a mobile-free weekend! If you need a 20 min zoom meeting before the planning day, I will be happy to assist as time allows. What is included? - 4 Digital Detox Guides - Day by day guides, Day 0 is planning day. - Mobile dependent guide - Mindfulness Guide - Recipe guide with Low Carb diet. Good nutrition helps to reduce sugar, which is very dopamine-increasing. Bonus included: - A recipe guide with Smoothies for healthy detox - A Quiz





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