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Women´s Wisdom Medicine

Retreats 2024/25

Veronica Deland, wcare, women wisdom medicin

I have waited, I have listened, I hear you ... and now the time has come…

Welcome Every Woman - Step into the Woman Wisdom Medicine Retreat, where sisters gather in sacred circles to explore the depths of the soul and the essence of womanhood. Here, amidst the embrace of feminine energy, we uncover our unique strengths and intuitive powers, allowing them to radiate freely. 

Exploring and understanding our true selves, recognizing patterns, and replacing roles that don't truly belong to us is crucial; we all deserve to live life to the fullest. 

Throughout history, women have convened in sacred spaces to share wisdom, offer support, and heal wounds with nurturing care. In our retreat, we continue this tradition, creating a sanctuary where every woman's voice is heard, and every soul is uplifted. Join us on a journey of transformation as we break free from old patterns and reconnect with our primal power. Through heartfelt conversations, shared songs, and healing rituals, we journey deeper into our true selves and bring back the native medicine rituals. Here you will find retreats both in Swedish and some retreat in english. /With warmth Veronica

Invoke the passion within you and... Rise!


You are not weak, damn it!

You are not powerless.

You ARE NOT afraid. Stop saying it.

Uncertain maybe, but not afraid... really.

Fear is not your master. Stop playing small.


Stop fleeing from your worth.

You are made of fabric woven of the stars.

There is magic in your blood, healing in your fingertips, and truth on your tongue. Enough!

Breathe in the truth and then rise up and reclaim your right to live.


That we must say what we feel, that we are not helpless but powerful, that we achieve great magic when we unite, that we can create life so we can also heal life. We can heal, enchant, and unite everything if we just start feeling who we are... RISE UP." Brooke Hampton

Women's Wisdom 

Inviting you to Casa de Lola, Callosa, Spain
6 days Oct 21 - Oct 26

Price €1,050 

Note! Don't miss the Early Bird price: €960!
Book before 31/7!

According to an old saying from the Andes, the day is approaching when 'woman regains her soul power', which marks the beginning of the sixth humanity, when the new millennium is that of women. For millennia, women have met in women's circles and sacred spaces, where wisdom has been shared, advice exchanged and wounds healed through loving care. Together we create something unique in the sister circle.


During our days together, we can expect everything from belly dancing, meditation, an exciting excursion to the village of Guadalest, etc. In-depth talks about the woman's three important transitions and her hormones.

Led by me, Veronica Deland with team Iris Alexandrov & Yvonne Reuter. We guide you through layers of years of imposed roles, to embrace and nurture the primal feminine power we all possess.  Welcome to a retreat where we meet our heart's longing for wisdom and Women's medicine. Sisters, the moment is here, and every woman eagerly awaits your arrival!

Women´s Wisdom Retreat - Fully booked!
Welcome to join us on
May 2nd - May 5th at Verdolaga Centre in Alfaz del Pi, Spain

Normal price €690

Early bird price for the first four women €480!
Last day to book the retreat 20 april

Join us on a transformative retreat at Verdolaga Centre in Alfaz del Pi, 40 km north of Alicante Spain, where we'll shed old patterns, rediscover our innate power, and pave the

way for renewal.Through Sister circle we'll delve into our true selves. Expect a diverse range of activities in our Sacred Space with ceremonies, belly dancing, singing, womb healing, herbal wisdom, and discussions on women's transitions and hormonal imbalances. This retreat is in English.

The  normal retreat price is €690,- including 3 night accommodation, delicious foods, drinks, use of facilities and your personal basic hormone plan worth €200.

Because we are really so exited of our newly joined retreat we want to reach out to every woman who resonates with us we give a discount. The price will be €480 for the first 4 women!! Sign up today, so that you don't miss out on this special price!

Led by Yvonne Reuiter and Veronica Deland, we'll dissolve self-imposed roles, embrace our primal power, and find balance in our bodies. Welcome to a retreat of community, wisdom and Women's Medicine.

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