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Optimize Health Through Fasting

Cleansing, Healing, Vital, and Rejuvenating!

The function of fasting is to activate the genes that provide purification and renewal. It assists your body in directing the majority of its energy and immune capacity to cleanse the body of old and toxic waste, as well as clear the intestines and the brain.

Fasting also helps stimulate self-healing, aiding the body's cells in disposing of waste and having a rejuvenating effect. Moreover, through autophagy, which is the healing of cells, your stem cells are activated, extending the lifespan.

Just 16 to 72 hours of fasting is enough to experience rapid and immensely positive effects on your entire body. Fasting is #1 for your self-healing power!

This occurs during water fasting:

- Anti-aging - you rejuvenate as your cells are replaced
- Cleanses the intestines - Repairs the intestinal mucosa
- Purifies the body, including the brain - Increases mental sharpness and provides clear thoughts, reduces dementia
- Stimulates self-healing/autophagy - Assists the body's cells in disposing of waste
- Starves parasitic organisms - Quickly starves rapidly growing cancer cells
- Reduces the risk of heart attacks and diabetes
- Lowers your insulin levels, glucose
- Weight reduction
- Increases well-being, boosts confidence, and provides increased energy
- Hormonal balance
- Snoring ceases

"Research has shown that fasting is #1 for long term health and a strong clean body"

Dr. Sanna Ehdin

Fasting helped me achieve better health

At the age of 48, I entered the pre-menopausal phase. Despite regular exercise and a healthy diet, my health worsened with high glucose levels and a 10 kg weight gain. After reading books on intermittent fasting, I decided to give it a try, and it paid off! Now, at 57, I have better values than I've had in several years, and most importantly, I'm enjoying life.

Following this health journey, combined with hormone therapy, I chose to deepen my understanding by training as a fasting therapist. With the knowledge I've acquired, especially from Dr. Sanna Ehdin, I now want to assist you.

Join one of my fasting programs—either group or individual—for 6 weeks and gain tools for long-term health. Since July 2022, previous fasting groups have achieved magnificent results:

- "I have lowered blood pressure and reduced my medications."
- "I've rediscovered myself, love myself, and appreciate my body."
- "No pain anymore, and I can train again!"
- "Returned to my original weight and feel good about myself again."

Previous participants have lost between 6-22 kg. However, the most important aspect is that participants regain a sense of themselves and, above all, feel good about who they are. For more information on services and prices, please check the e-course section.

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"This is one of the best things you can do for yourself! Veronica Deland is very knowledgeable and empathetic and will guide you if you misstep! The discomfort has decreased drastically, and I have a better stomach/gut, improved internal health, and better sleep!

I also reduced my waist by 11 cm and lost almost 6 kg in 5 weeks!

I would highly recommend investing in yourself and your health by joining Veronica's fasting group."

Jenny Törnqvist, 48 years old

Increase Lifespan with Fasting

The health effects of fasting

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Cell repair

Increases your immune system and generates new stem cells.

Lycklig meditator


Autophagy that rejuvenates and repairs cells.



Reduces inflammation, improves overall health, and prevents diseases in the stomach and intestines.

Fitness damer

Weight reduction

Reduces harmful body fat to achieve a healthy weight.

Bakom gardinen
Fasting should not be carried out by individuals who...
  • Is malnourished or anemic.

  • Has/have had an eating disorder (anorexia or bulimia).

  • Is underweight (BMI lower than 18.5).

  • Has addiction problems.

  • Suffers from PTSD.

  • Is under 18 years of age.

  • Is pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Has a compromised immune system.

  • Is currently seriously ill.

  • Takes a significant amount of prescription medications.

Our most prevalent diseases are lifelong and can be detected in time with the right preventive treatment. In my opinion, the most effective approach to achieve this is by imparting knowledge to individuals.

I believe in creating sustainable change over time—in due course.


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