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Sep 15, 2024 - Jan 31, 2025

Become a certified hormone advisor

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Get a diploma in hormones Imagine being able to offer your clients a comprehensive holistic solution for their health, by understanding their hormonal imbalances. In this course, you will gain an in-depth understanding of how hormones affect our health, and how to use that knowledge to help people feel better. What is included: º Endochronology º Bioidentical vs synthetic hormones º The woman's fertility and menstrual cycle º Hormonal imbalances occurrence and treatment º Man's problem prostate, low testosterone º What counteracts estrogen dominance and hormonal excess? º Presentation "Prepare yourself after 40 for health & well-being after 50" º Analysis of test results, health plans and health issues º Large hormone and health package º The importance of confidentiality, insurance and customer agreements, marketing How: 12 occasions via Zoom approx. 6 months When: Start 10/3 + individual follow-up opportunities for client work º To take the course, a background with medical knowledge is required. The course is tailored for you who work with health, in medicine, alternatives, wellness areas, fasting therapist, conversation/coach. º For certification, you need to complete a practical test with six test clients. ºI conduct interviews with those of you who make a declaration of interest º Limited number of places. ​​ Wcare has a 5 year anniversary, you get a 15% discount if the course is purchased before 31/12 I look forward to seeing you! /Veronica (Cost for rec samples/hormones/supplements not included, Paypal has partial payment)





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