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Welcome to this fasting guide, where you can discover the health magic of autophagy and the benefits of fasting. As a certified fasting therapist, I have seen my clients experience so many health benefits of fasting, such as weight loss, lowered blood sugar levels, reduced inflammation. Read the guide and you will see what fasting does for your body and that having a food break from time to time is healthy. Fasting helps help you improve your relationship with food and facilitate ending bad eating habits.


Indigenous peoples, yogis and other scholars have used fasting for centuries. Fasting is unique for its ability to cleanse the body and mind, and increase presence within yourself. This fasting guide offers a variety of fasting options for different lifestyles and goals, such as fasting for maximum health, fasting because it's something you want to try, or fasting for a specific health problem.


It is important to remember that fasting is not for everyone and it is always good to consult a fasting therapist before starting a fast, especially if you have health problems. But if you're ready to experience the benefits of fasting, this guide will show you how to set your goals, choose the best fasting method, and work toward achieving the life you want. If you feel like fasting, if you want to know more about it, don't hesitate to contact me. Hope you get inspired!

Free fasting guide

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