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Welcome to the Mobile Addiction Guide!


How are we triggered to mobile overuse? Addictions cause a chronic change in the brain's reward system. Dopamine is released in the brain during activities such as eating, exercise and sex, which gives a feeling of well-being and the memory of the activity and the feeling of well-being are stored together.


Research has now shown that our overuse of digital means creates as much addiction as alcohol, drugs, games do to our brain.

The release of all dopamine than natural stimulation, provides a highly lustful and intoxicating feeling. Long-term use leads to a fundamental change in the brain's reward system, which creates addictions.


Technology will not disappear but in this guide you will get tips on what you and your loved ones can do to help reduce mobile overuse,

This guide is part of the "Digital Dopamine Detox" e-course.


Take care!/Veronica 


Mobile addiction?

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