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Welcome to the sleep guide!


Do you have problems with your sleep? Then this guide can help you and with your individual sleep needs.


The onset of sleep problems can be different; everything from long-term stress, nutritional deficiencies and whether we have biochemical or hormonal imbalances. For example, during menopause when estrogen drops, or in the case of fatigue problems - then more measures need to be put in place.


In this guide, you will get tips for creating an optimal sleeping environment, my best tips on supplements to get sleep, as well as techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

By following these tips, you increase the likelihood of getting a good night's sleep. If, despite this, you still do not achieve it, please book a consultation which is free of charge and we will talk about this.


I wish you pleasant reading! Veronica Deland

Wcare's 20 best sleep tips

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