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Did you know that sleep is one of the most important aspects of our health?

Sleep has a significant impact on our mental, physical and emotional health and is an important factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


A good night's sleep has a very positive impact on almost every aspect of our lives. It improves our cognitive function, increases our physical performance, reduces stress and anxiety, and even increases creativity and feeling inspired. Sleep gives the body the chance to recover and restore the optimal hormonal balance.


However, sleep can be difficult to achieve for many people, especially with today's busy lifestyles. Stress, electronics and other factors can disrupt a good night's sleep and increase the risk of illness,


This sleep guide can help your sleep and individual sleep needs. Sometimes we have hormonal imbalances that give rise to a lack of sleep, such as during menopause when estrogen drops, or with fatigue problems -

then more measures need to be put in place.


In this guide, you get tips for creating an optimal sleeping environment, nutritional supplements to improve sleep, and techniques to reduce stress and promote relaxation. By following these tips, you increase the likelihood of getting a good night's sleep.

I wish you pleasant reading and a very goodnight!

Veronica Deland

Wcare´s sleeping guide in english

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