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"How do I know if I have a hormonal imbalance?"


All packages include an initial consultation where you can tell us more about yourself and the problems you are experiencing. During the conversation we will find out if I am the right person for you to turn to and we will look at how we can move forward.

After our consultation, you will receive:


  • Pay SEK 4,400 for your health package via link or invoice
  • Sign customer agreement 
  • Answer health questions + possible test answers from doctors
  • Meeting to review the treatment plan
  • Close contact for 4 months with follow-ups


I work according to a holistic method where we must identify the root of the problems you may have lived with for several years. The treatment plan you receive is a comprehensive program that includes the right diet with nutrition, analysis of any blood samples, good nutrition, exercise and hormone counseling. Our ultimate goal is for you to achieve better health and have a problem-free everyday life.


Book your consultation via email or via the form here on the website.

Read more about hormonal problems here: Hormonal Problems.

Wcare's Large Hormone Health Package

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